VOLCANO 5 Axis CNC Bridge Saw:

Volcano CNC
Best in class Standard Configuration

Volcano CNC Plus
Full Automated Bridge Saw with Camera, Vacuum and Measurement Options

Volcano CNC Plus Spindle
Plus Configuration with High Speed Spindle and Automatic Tool Change

  Automatic Precision Miter Cuts:
  0 to 90 degrees in Angle Swinging Saw

  Camera Option:
  Visual Aid for Slab Definition

  Automatic Tool Changer Option:
  Conical Tool Holders with Center Holes

  17” Touch Screen:
  Easy to Learn User Interface. Multi-Language Suppor

  Parametric Geometries
  Easy to Cut Geometries like Ellipses, Triangles, ...

  Hydraulic Tilting Table:
  85 degrees Tilting Table

  Vacuum & Move Option:
  Easy to Program Sub-Slab Cuts and Moves

  Easy Programming:
  Milling and Core Bit Drilling Support

VOLCANO 5 Axis CNC Bridge Saw Technical Specifications: