About Us:

Kaldera was established in 2005. Main focus and objective of the company was to export Natural Stone Products.

In the first years, the company produced and exported Natural Stone Mosaics and Tiles. However after 2010, Kaldera decided to develop also CNC Machinery for the same industry, utilising their expertise in Machine Design and also Natural Stone Processing.

After a long R&D period, Kaldera started production of High Quality, High Accuracy CNC Machinery. The main difference of Kaldera from competitors is that, not only Mechanics are designed and produced in-house, but also Software Development is done by Kaldera Engineers.

Nowadays, the CNC Control Software and CAD/CAM Utilities became another Product Line for Kaldera.

A Few Words from Our Customers:

First of all, we are very happy to know you. Kaldera has a great service quality: Even in the weekends or during off duty hours, we can reach them and they always help us out. I think we got more than what we paid for. This machine elevated our quality level for sure, thank you Kaldera.


Before we’ve made the purchase decision, we were hesitant. Most of the advices of our colleques are same: For the Quality and Accuracy, Italian Machines should be the only choice. But we are impressed by the Engineering Level of Kaldera and signed the contract with them. Today we see that our decision is correct. Thank you Kaldera.


Everybody can be the operator, it is very easy to learn it. Even when the operator does not show up, I can use this CNC Machine easily. It is very rigid, so we can cut all materials precisely, even Dekton. Miter cuts are also very precise and without chipping too. Most of the manual work is done on this CNC Bridge Saw. Thank you Kaldera, for this huge work monster in our facility.