VolcanoSoft, is a completely in-house developed software and continuously upgraded with new functionalities by kaldera Engineering Department. Software developments can be handled as per customer request.

Very-User-Friendly interface enable fast learning and easy usage even in 1 day. Interactive training documentation can be downloaded from web 24/7. All the basic settings can be made on main screen, while all the positions can be monitored on the same page. VolcanoSoft, aapart from competitors, enable users to set each feed rate of each axis, and van be dynamically controlled during the run.

Operators can use Volcano bridge saw machine without any CAM or other drawing software programs. Standard geometrical shapes, such as triangle, rectangle, polygon, circle, ellipse are all ready in the menu. Additionally mostly used countertops, backsplash panels, tabletops drawing options are all ready to use. Any cut can be handled in minutes.

It is very easy to define the slab geometry. Then Manual Nesting can be done with great ease, since the Sawing and Milling tool paths and Interferences between the Geometries are shown on the screen. With one-click you can start cutting and the program can finish without any user intervention.

On the Nesting Scheme, every aspect of cutting lines can be modified:

  1. Any Cut Line can be turned On and OFF.
  2. Sawing Entry and Exit Marks of Any Cut Line can be turned On and OFF.
  3. For each Cutting Line, Angle of cut can be modified.
  4. For each Cutting Line, depth of cut can be modified.
  5. Cutting sequence can be modified for each line, ... etc.

KalderaSoft Operations and Modules in Brief

• Longitudinal and Orthogonal Cuts (Basic Bridge Saw Functionality)
• Parametric CounterTop and Backsplash Panels (Sink and Stove Openings, L and U Shape Countertop details)
• Straight Molding Module
• Vacuum and Move Module
• Automatic Slab Thickness Measurement Module
• Parametric Geometries (Triangle, Quadrilateral, Pentagon, Circle, Ellipse, ... etc.
• Parametric TableTop Geometries
• Convex and Concave Sawing Cuts
• Camera Module
• AutoCAD - DXF File Import Utility (Miter Cut, Straight Cut, Internal and External Cut, Saw Cut, Milling Cut information can be included within this file)